During the final stages of interviewing with this company I had asked the CEO Harmeet Bindra why as a technology-based creator he wanted to get involved into the competitive dental laboratory industry….this was his reply:

“It is always good to have the opportunity to evaluate an industry as an outsider first. Being a new incumbent, having started Leixir just 6 years ago, I was fortunate to have the perspective of what worked or did not work well for the lab groups that have been doing business long before Leixir.”

I was conscious of the following factors:

  1. Leixir needed to be a customer focused organization, and by that, ensure that we build a business model that puts the patient first.  Leixir was to become a true partner - focusing to strive to be an amazing resource for the Dentist in providing the best care; providing awesome customer experience; and offering turnaround times or cost efficiencies that matched the best labs in the world.
  2. Present times when digitizing was taking a new paradigm shift with the roles between the manufacturer, distributor, and the technology providers were blurring, I knew there was a strong need of a Lab group that was willing to push the boundaries hence redefining the role of a modern dental laboratory.
  3. Given my technology background partnered with this need to drive technology adoption and create additional value – Leixir was born.  For me technology was not just about Cad-Cam, 3D printing, or digital impressions, it was our approach to effectively communicate with Doctor; then for the Doctors to communicate with their patient seamlessly, transparently and in the best user-friendly environment.

Leixir was then divided into three unique business structures:

  1. The group of strategically acquired dental labs across the United States were converted into Centers of Excellence to provide “best in class” manufacturing based on lean principles backed by the “white glove” customer service. This allowed Leixir to provide the best turnaround times, minimal remakes, and close communication with doctors.  Leixir prides itself on having a dedicated innovation and research cell that is always working to provide the newest technology into the dental field and offer doctors with solutions that support their patients may it be in surgical planning, digital dentures, complex implants cases, highly esthetic cases or other treatments that the doctor may look to provide to their patients.

  1. Next is Easy Dent which is one of the largest digital dental design centers providing solutions to labs, DSO organizations and traditional dental offices. These are real-time design solutions to global customers on a digital platform that is agnostic to any software or scanner that the customer may be using.

  1. Lastly MyLabConnect (MLC) is an internally developed digital collaboration platform that drives improved enterprise management by providing real-time data analytics and business intelligence capabilities. MLC is a pioneering effort and a very strong interactive communication platform between DSO organizations, dental clinics, dental labs and design centers.

With all these multi-faceted business operations there is the underlying foundation of great people working to constantly improve our processes, products, and procedures to consistently deliver our products and services to our client.  Leixir will continue to grow and strengthen its foundation with each new strategic business unit developed and our technology fueled company allows us to adapt quickly with any changes in the marketplace.  We rise by lifting others.